Affiliate Marketing Is Dead

Hmmm…I need to market my website now so I can make money…

Blog Commenting-no- Forum Posts, Paid Traffic- wait- Article Marketing, PPC or Solo Blasts, Facebook Promotion-ummm-Blogging?

Sh** I don’t know what to do. I guess I will try something, if not all of them and see where it gets me!

Does this sound like you?

If it does, READ this full article. Because If you don’t you will continue to be in this situation for a long time. And…who wants that?

What I am guessing is that you want to succeed and you want to the easiest way possible. Am I right?

Today, I am going to outline the marketing avenues that do not work when advertising an affiliate product and some that will work for you. Some people reading this may hate me and some will love me.

I say that because all these marketing avenues were taught to me by my $30,000 education of trial and error and all the ebooks, videos, memberships I have had and continue to have during Matt and I’s journey of making money online.

Since they were taught to me, somebody believes they work. That’s where people will hate me. I am going to list avenues that don’t work. Or they work at a very slow pace that you can maybe make your first sale online after 15 years of effort, 15 years of misery and 15 years of education form the school of hard knocks. That’s not what I wanted when I started and I assume that is not what you want.

I am going to explain, what works and doesn’t, but more importantly why it does or doesn’t and how to use the ones that work.

This will be very exciting so let’s begin.

What Doesn’t Work 🙁

1.) Blog Commenting: When we first started online, we use to spend hours blog commenting. We read a book about marketing online and that was one thing it said to do. So we did. We spent 2 hours a day for 4 months commenting.

It didn’t work! Why? Because first, we had nothing of value to offer aka real knowledge and we didn’t realize that a minute comment on a blog isn’t going to pull in a bunch of traffic.

Yes, putting a link on a website is counted as a backlink (even if it’s a pr 0 , which isn’t a good link) and there IS a chance that you might get traffic but seriously guys, Do you really think that a hoard of people are going to scroll down to your comment and click your name to visit your site? Heck no! It doesn’t work for REAL Results.

2.) Forum Posts: The thinking here is that if you comment a lot on forums that are in your niche, people will find your content useful and then click the resource box below your comment to find out more about you. YES, you can get traffic from this and YES you can establish yourself here.

BUT….It will not be worth all your time because again, you will get a trickle of traffic from this. Again, Matt and I commented on the Warrior Forum for 2 hours a day for 4 months and guess what traffic we got? We received about 40 visits. Part of the reason for this is Matt and I had nothing of value to say because we were newbie’s.

Of course we didn’t know our stuff if we were doing this to market an affiliate product. Lol. The point here is that it is a waste of your time to spend time commenting for a marketing avenue. For any marketing activity, you CAN make it work well for you but what I am trying to get across to you today is that it isn’t worth your time if you want to grow your business in ½ the time and ½ the effort.

3.) Buying Pop Under Traffic: Back when Matt and I started, we knew we needed traffic to our website. We knew we needed a lot to make sales and be able to track results. So we ran across buying “hits” to our site. I can’t remember the site but it sold us 1 Million hits (visitors) for $80 Dollars. To us, that was amazing. We thought we were going to hit it big time and we would be over night successes.

A week went by and no sales, 2 weeks, no sales and we didn’t get any sales from those visitors. Why? Because the visitors we bought were from POP UNDER Traffic. That means, when someone visits a website and when they exit the website they actually wanted to go to, your site would pop up under it. Yes, kind of like spam on websites.

Personally, I didn’t know better but thinking back, it would have been intrusive if a site would pop under the one I am on and when I exit some weird site pops up. It will never work. I haven’t heard of better results either except from the people selling this type of traffic.

4.) Facebook Promotion/Commenting: Facebook is a social media website and people tend to think, “Hey, I should post an affiliate offer so everyone on my list will buy from me!” Test this out- Go to Facebook right now and post a comment about something that can be talked about. Such as, “What’s one thing that happened today that you wanted to happen?”

Now let it sit for a bit and see how many of your friends comment or like your comment. Say you have 300 friends and all 300 comments and like your status, YOU ARE POPULAR AND PEOPLE CARE ABOUT YOU and what you have to say. If only a couple comment, YOU ARE NOT POPULAR so give it up. Plan and simple.

If you are popular, heck try an affiliate offer in a way that doesn’t sound like a promotion. If you are not popular, don’t try because nobody cares about you. I am serious.

This can be for a couple reasons,

1. You don’t have a relationship with your friends

2. You don’t comment on anybody’s status

3. You don’t engage your friends and follow up with them or

4. You are never on Facebook.

You just collect friends boosting your self esteem that you have many friends. Ok I know that is harsh, you may not be one of them but many are. All in all, if you wish to comment on Facebook with affiliate links be sure you have a connection with everyone on your friends list and people care what you have to say, if not, you are wasting your precious time.

5.) This is all about knowing Marketing and Advertising and Sales: If you do not know the basics of sales and marketing do not advertise. You will hurt yourself more than help yourself online. I have seen people crumble online because they misused marketing mediums and caused a bad first impression to people. Don’t worry; I cover some fundamentals on advertising in the next section of this article.

What Works 🙂

Before we go any further I need you to understand some fundamentals to marketing and sales. Here is a “Starter List” of what you need to know before you do ANY advertising.
Who your market is-Really WHO is your market-Find their needs and wants.
Where do you find your market/ what advertising avenues will best reach your market
What is so valuable about YOU that your market can’t resist
Why would somebody buy from YOU instead of somebody else in your niche
Does your product or affiliate product solve one of your prospects needs
Study and learn copy writing

So there is a short list for you to study up on for a while and then I want you to employ these marketing efforts described below.

1.) Video Marketing: Get a flip camera from Wal-Mart and start recording. Talk about something of value and show who you are. People get scared to record themselves and I understand. I was to and still am. But once you know the power of this, you won’t go back. Video is a very personal type of marketing. People want to do business with people not businesses.

Video enables you to convey your message to millions of people and people can actually see you and get to know you. People like that, they feel more connected to who they are listening to or buying from. I would suggest making at least 1 new video a week. There are 3 types of videos that people watch; Entertainment, promotional and informational. If you make your videos in these guide lines you will do well.

2.) Blogging: Blogging is one of the most important things you can do for yourself online. Blogging establishes your presents and authority online. It is your place to solve people’s problems, tell your story, and develop relationships and so much more.

Think about this for a minute. If someone received an email from you about a biz opp (you sent a solo ad to this person) and you want them to buy through your affiliate link and they are just curious who this person (you) is for sending this email to them, they may look you up on the internet. For example; they type into “The Hell Brothers” and our website pops up. You just gained instant credibility to your prospect because you are not some mysterious man sending those emails.

Plus, when they see all the content you have on your blog, they will see that you are an expert and you have authority online. When you set up a blog, I suggest you use WordPress as your blogging platform, get your own domain name and get your own hosting. Please do not get a free blog. This makes you look like an amateur.

3.) Social Networking: Social networking is one of the ways you connect with your prospects. Here you have the chance to establish yourself as a knowledgeable expert and a problems solver. The point of social networks is to create relationships. It’s not a place to sell.

Your main job is to just talk and communicate with prospects to see what they want and then solve their problems. For example; If I was on my Twitter account, I could post a tweet such as; “I Finally Concluded That Solo Emails Do Not Work”. This will stimulate conversation and curiosity because solo emails sometimes work and it depends on the vertical you are using. But people will click the link and visit my blog post about that and if my blog post does have point people will respect what I wrote. Then they may leave a comment or tweet back something. Then the conversation begins.

I like to use statements that people like to argue about so I can get people to comment and start a dialog with me. Then I can tell my story to them and ask what problems they are facing as affiliate marketers?

These are the questions I blog about and then I share my post on my Twitter account. So where does the money come in? Well, I could put an affiliate link to a product that will help them in the blog post with a strong call to action or just being in a relationship with them, they will follow my comments and tweets so when I mention I have a great offer, they will come.

4.) Search Engine Optimization: This does take some time to learn but it’s really easy. What this means is that you write a blog post and you get it ready for being rank in search engines so people can find it through SEO. Your goal with your blog is to get your blog posts, ranking on top of Google for a particular keyword. This will enable people to find you when they search Google for some answer.

For example: If someone wants to know how to lose weight. They may type into Google, “how do I lose weight” and then the results pop up. (Your job is to get your blog post on the first page of Google) They look through some of the websites and land on a good one that solves their problem. If you are in the weight loss niche, you need to be ranking well in Google so it allows that person looking for weight loss to find your website.

And if you are on top of Google for that keyword, there is a great chance you will get a ton of FREE traffic if the keyword you choose has a lot of people looking for it. The only way to do this is through SEO.

5.) Paid Advertising: The Fastest Way To Success Is Spending Money On Paid Advertising! If you want quality leads to your business the fastest way possible, you must do paid advertising. Picture this for a minute. Your goal is to get 10,000 people a month to visit your affiliate offer. How long do you think it would take if you didn’t do paid advertising?

I am talking from a newbie status. It would take a long time and will not be worth your time. Remember, your time is more important than your money. Time is money. If you are wasting your time, you are wasting your potential money. So paid advertising can get to where you want to be FAST.

Plus it’s scalable. If you want more traffic, reinvest your profits into more paid advertising. If you are new and don’t know where to start with paid advertising, I would start researching ezine advertising, solo advertising and PPC.

I hope have shed some light on advertising and what works and what doesn’t. Matt and I have done so many things to try to make money online and we don’t anybody to go through all that we did. We hope to see you succeed faster than we did.

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