Affiliate Marketing Tips for 2017

In today’s competitive market where everyone is trying to make money online that you figure out an inexpensive and effective way to market your product or affiliate links to your customers. If you are a small internet business you might be wondering how you can do that when you do not have the budget to afford big-time advertising.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Visually and aurally you have a lot of advertising propaganda to compete with: giant billboards, glossy pages in magazines and fast-moving visual appeals on television. You also have a lot of noise on YouTube and Smart Phones as well.

You might be wondering, as a smaller business on the internet, how you are going to compete with continual blitz of information.

The answer is to not compete with this type of advertising at all. Instead you can beat the giant corporations at their own game by simply refusing to try and deal with your customers using weapons you don’t have and can’t afford.

While the big corporations are busy stunning their customers with too much information you can use the internet to connect quietly and with great clarity with those same customers. Your ability to make money online is greatly enhanced if you can work within your limitations rather than strive to fight an advertising war you are not equipped to fight.

Your best strategy is to leave marketing to the masses to the big guys and instead focus your energies on using, blogs, emails and newsletters to market to the individual.

Make Your Reader Feel “In Control”

Buying from large websites is intimidating for some customers. They do not necessarily feel that they are in control of the buying experience. They know that there may not be another human being at the end of the purchasing process if something goes wrong.

One way to make them feel in control is to follow up every sale with an autoresponder and also to have a site that backspaces nicely to previous pages during the check-out experience. This is easily done with the help of a good tech person who can tune up your website so that it works this way.

Give Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

One way of making yourself distinct from the big companies is to provide them with discount coupons they can print out, and discount coupon codes that they can use at your online checkout.

One rule about offering discounts is that you should never discount something that is a best seller for you in the first place. This could result in mass buying and the expectation that this product or service should be had for a low price whenever they show up at your site to buy it. Furthermore, the big companies have a way of finding the lowest price point on line and offering it so they can wipe out the competition. If this happens then you could find yourself short of a way of making online money with your “bread and butter” product.

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