Goal Setting Tips August 2017

This is a new goal setting approach I am going to try!

Setting goals around tasks, not outcomes, is the best way to improve performance, a study shows – Quartz

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QuartzSetting goals around tasks, not outcomes, is the best way to improve performance, a study showsQuartzAthletes routinely use goals as motivation. Corporate boards set goals for CEOs to create incentives. Scarcely a middle-school assembly or moti …

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And finally here is a wonderful write up from Reddit!

How to survive and thrive.

This advice should be universal enough for everyone to gain something from it. Like any system, there’s always room for improvement and what I’m going for here is a practical and realistic write-up considering how far from perfect I am. For this reason, much of what I write about might be trivial to you, you might already be winging it, some stuff might not apply at all. **The choice to live** I need to get this out of the way first. Being alive is a choice. Knowing and understanding this lays the foundation for how you choose to live. I don’t want to digress too much into it, but I’m really not a fan of this “I didn’t choose to be born mentality”. While the statement isn’t false you do choose to carry on living. Many people don’t. The suicide statistics are on the rise. I don’t label these people as cowards, rather I see them as pragmatic heroes, they make a calculated decision not to go on living a 1/2 life and instead opt for what must be a terrifying end. I fail to see any cowardice in this at all. No, I don’t want you to kill yourself, but I came to realize in my own life that if I am going to spend a considerable amount of time on this planet then that experience should be as good as possible, right? You can’t have a great and thriving experience if you’re walking around and you don’t even want to be alive in the first place. **No more clutter** The life of an MGTOW starts off relatively clutter free and gets more so. If once you were married, you no longer have a female on your back 24/7. If you’re young, the pursuit of women is no longer your focus. There are 3 main pursuits people follow these days : * Sustenance * Ego and appearance * Hobbies and interests Notice that those breaking away from the social norm (blue pill thinking) tend to have had females as their main interest, which governed their ego & appearance. Taking this away now leaves a giant void. And it is at this point that many men do indeed kill themselves. They feel their life has no purpose and since they are not terrifically ego driven in their own right do not see the point in competing any longer in a superficial and meaningless competition. What I propose is something else. I’m sure someone has already put a label on this or it ties into other philosophies. **Forget the world and keep being clutter free** Don’t try and make your life more interesting by being apart of bullshit. Or by falling into the distraction trap that is modern media. You’re worth more than this. In 40 years I can honestly say besides a few key moments in my life the news has proved to be almost completely useless and only a side line interest at best. There were exceptions such as when I was living in South Africa and the Vote Yes or No to instate the ANC government, well the news kept you informed of potentially life changing information. But if you’re watching the news and all you’re getting is Kardashian gossip, then turn that shit off. Even Reddit (My guilty pleasure) is nothing more than a giant waste of time for the most part. All the time spent on /r/videos or /r/publicfreakout etc this is the time that could have been better spent. Goes without saying if you have any social media accounts, either get rid of them or hardly ever use them. No one needs twitter for example. No discussion you can participate in will change the world. Remember those 3 pursuits, in many ways it’s a more simplified model of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Let’s look at the difference : Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: * Physiological needs * Safety needs * Love / Belonging * Esteem * Self-actualization vs : Islandics take on life: * Sustenance * Ego and appearance * Hobbies and interests They’re close but not the same. Maslow’s laws are hierarchal, what I’m presenting is rather a platform (sustenance) and “everything else”. Also in 2017, I think certain key elements in Maslow’s pyramid are mute / taken for granted. Eg: Breathing should be second nature to you, just like if you live in a first world country then relative safety is a given. Another big elephant there is “Love / Belonging”, You’ll see below what in my opinion is your best bet at mimicking this, without the need for a female companion. **Sustenance** It’s crucial to maintain a healthy attitude towards your work, even if you’re like me and see work as a necessary evil. It’s crucial that you perform well and do your job. Regardless of whatever happens in life, you need income. This is the most basic platform everything else flows from. Work also provides you with your staple diet of human interaction. If you go to work at least 3 days per week this should be enough companionship to keep depression away. Remember though, these people are not your true friends and your milage may vary here. It might be possible here and there to make real friends from work settings, but don’t hold your breath. **Ego and appearance** Don’t think you can neglect your appearance. If you do you will fall short at work. You will not be respected and you will ultimately fail to impress. So it’s crucial that you take good care of yourself and your hygiene etc. Don’t neglect this at all. Buy new clothes have some style. When it comes to the MGTOW, ego is synonymous with standards. While fitness might end up becoming (and it should) a hobby too. The very basics to maintain health, posture and satisfying appearance should be observed. Exercise will also help you sleep better at night and stave off depression. If you’re anti social get home equipment and use it or do Yoga. Do anything but make sure you do something! Know where to draw the line. If you really cannot afford a BMW, then don’t drive one. Be savvy too. No one will know the difference between brand name jeans and regular ass jeans, find a pair that’s comfortable. If you really must get more expensive shoes and shirts. Why do I say all this? It’s not entirely bullshit, in white collar work appearance is often more important than your ability to do the job. You can get away with a lot more if you look and act highly respectful. The opposite is true. If you don’t look successful or take care of your appearance then you are at risk of being isolated and being the fall guy. **Hobbies and interests** Now here’s the thing. If you’ve survived this far! Start thinking weekly. Your new goal is to maximize your week. Every week has 168 hours. Roughly 50 of those are spent working/commuting to work, getting ready for work, another 56 of those sleeping. Roughly 7 of those preparing food/shitting etc. Which means you have tada: roughly 55 hours per week. If you don’t have kids or any hobbies or interests that are 55 hours that go into meaningless bull-shittery right? And that needs to change. It’s beyond the scope of this to discuss exact options here, but regardless subtract at least another 7 or ideally 14 hours for some daily fitness. What I would like to add here is apart from the human interaction you’re getting at work. It might be a good idea to formulate a hobby that involves spending time with other people. For example, study a new language or play some sport. **Things to avoid** Avoiding these things will improve the quality of your life * Alcohol * Shit people * Extended gaming sessions * Netflix binge sessions (spending the entire day consistently just watching Netflix) * Not leaving the house for days/weeks / spending the entire weekend at home or in bed – Don’t do this shit * Soda and excessive junk food, even nonalcoholic beer is loaded with calories * Too much sweet shit, sugary shit. * Street hookers * Dating sites for extended periods of time – if you really have to 2-3 hours per week. * Skipping work too frequently. * Meta drama in the media that doesn’t concern you. * Negative people * People who know too much about you, and stop handing out your secrets to people too. * Any form of a compromised situation/potential for being compromised, eg: Nightclubs. * Feel free to list more in the comments

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This wonderful video from one of my favs Brian Tracy is a must watch!

How to Set Goals: 80/20 Rule for Goal Setting | Brian Tracy

The 80/20 Rule, also known as Pareto’s Principle, a wonderful tool in time and life management. In this video, I explain the 80/20 Rule and share how you can apply that rule to setting and achieving any goal you set for yourself. http://bit.ly/27bwpX2 Discover the 2 elements of goal-setting that dramatically increase the likelihood of achieving your goals: click the link above. “When your goals are clear, you will come up with exactly the right answer at exactly the right time.” @BrianTracy (Tweet this: http://bit.ly/1UQyiU0) ___________________ Learn more: Subscribe to my channel for free offers, tips and more! YouTube: http://ow.ly/ScHSb Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BrianTracyPage Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BrianTracy Google+: +BrianTracyOfficialPage Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/BrianTracy Instagram: @TheBrianTracy Blog: http://ow.ly/TXzAT


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This is an awesome story about turning your life around.

How goal-setting helped this felon-turned-CEO maintain his sense of purpose – CNBC

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CNBCHow goal-setting helped this felon-turned-CEO maintain his sense of purposeCNBCAt 38, though, tragedy struck. After a hunting trip with his father in 1998, Coughlan and his dad went out for drinks. Their decision to drive home afterward ultimatel …

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