Why keeping customers is the most important part of business

When people initially set up an internet business they may not think much about building customer loyalty. It is newer to think of strategies about how to keep the customers you do get during your first days of business. Getting customers to return should be a big part of your business plan if want to make big money online.

People forget to include this in their online money making business strategy as they are so busy dealing with other matters such as creating a business plan, going to a bank or relatives for a loan, designing a website, writing blogs, learning how Google Adsense works and so forth. Who has time for customer retention?

In fact many beginning online entrepreneurs are more concerned with getting just one customer rather than how they are going to keep that same customer coming back. Instead of thinking about how to get a customer to love you once you should be thinking about is how to get them to love you forever. Knowing this principle is key to making money online forever.

Don’t Wait For Customers to Disappear

Many beginning internet entrepreneurs do not even contemplate the idea of repeat business until they realize that customers are only buying from them once and then disappearing. This is not the ideal scenario but still it is a good idea to treat this as a wake-up call and enhance the back-end of your business process so that customers will return.

For instance if you have an advertising budget of $100 and you perceive that .10 of that will bring you on average one new customer then you are counting on spending that amount to bring you 1000 customers. However if you have a customer retention strategy in place then you can spend much less as many of those customers are returning to your business on their own.

Many people in fact spend thousands of advertising not realizing that the number one way to cut that advertising budget is to make that first customer return again and again to do business with you. It is much less expensive in terms of advertising dollars to have one customer come back to your web site or store again and again rather than spend money on repeatedly attracting new customers.

Make Return Business Part of Your Online Business Plan

How you are going to deploy methods that make your customers return for a second purchase at your site should not be an afterthought but rather part of your initial business plan.

Your plan should explain how you will use market research, branding, customer service, user-friendliness, information libraries, community building, incentives and follow up calls or emails to keep your customers interested in you.

How you will lure customers back to your business might also be an essential component of your branding. One of the best ways to make money online is to make it well known that your website offers customer loyalty rewards, free informational products or other perks if they return.

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