How to make a blog that makes money

Sometimes the most profitable Internet marketing businesses are those that make money online without having any inventory at all. Blogs are great forums for those who depend on income streams from; pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, Google Adsense and affiliate programs.

Of course the big challenge is to come up with an idea that is going to be a popular money-maker such as the Empower Network. Often that idea is right under your nose.

Start By Writing About What You Know

If you are brainstorming the writing of a new blog then it sometimes is well worth your while to just take a look around and examine what is new or interesting in your own daily life. This type of banal brainstorming can sometimes turn up a topic that is guaranteed to make you online money.

To come up with a blog that everyone can relate to start thinking about your hobbies, interests, what your family members are interested in and anything that you are fascinated by.

If you have children give a thought or two to what interests or concerns them and their hobbies. What are your neighbors interested in? What are their hobbies and what do they seem to be concerned about when it comes to their home and family life.

You can also find blogging ideas just from watching television a while or watching the news. Surf around online for tidbits about people are talking about and see if there is a product around that relates to their interests.

Make A List of Good Ideas

Basic brainstorming involves making a list of all of the general, broad-based ideas that you can come up with and then start making even more associations about those topic areas in your mind. This is how you can find a profitable online money making niche.

The idea is to take something common and general and then take that thing and narrow it down until you find a niche.

For instance you might have the words “Empower Network” on your list as it has been something everybody has been talking about. Possibilities for niche sites around this topic might be internet marketing, blog marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization and other topics.

The ultimate objective of coming up with this list is to come up with twenty or thirty general ideas and then see how far you can go with it by looking up keywords that relate to it. If they are keywords and topics that get a lot of hits then it is very likely you have found an excellent niche to write about.

Only Write About What Interest You

If you want to create an authentic long-term online money-making blog then you better be excited about what you are writing about. You can’t just walk away from a blog and expect it to thrive. You need to be adding fresh new content to it daily. This is far easier to do every day if actually adding content to it is a labor of love.

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