What is the Pareto Law of 80/20

If you want to make online money then it is important to remember one of Golden Rules of marketing in general– the 80/20 Rule. This rule states that you should spend at least 80% of your marketing budget persuading the customers you already have successfully sold to once to come back for a second visit.

Only 20% of your business should be spent on trying to attract to new customers because studies have shown that finding new customers provides you with less return on your investment then marketing to new customers. This is one of the age-old secrets to making money online.

Just consider how expensive the reverse equation would be. Imagine if you were spending 80% of your time trying to attract new customers and only 20% of your time actually running your business.

Get Them to Subscribe to Your Opt-In List

One of the most effective ways to get your customers back for repeat business is to convince them to subscribe to your newsletter or get them to sign up to take the Empower Network tour. Once you manage to convince a customer to do this you will be able to email them updates, news about special discounts and other information about your business and what you want to offer.

Another great thing about getting people to subscribe to your list is that you are not spamming them in any way. Your buyers are already converted and not people who are “just looking.�?

Posting Content In Groups Online

If you are a newer business you might be concerned about how to get your newsletter content read. This is particularly true if you have a very small opt-in list because you just started up your business

One way to get people to subscribe to a newsletter you are writing is to post it on groups on Yahoo or iVillage. If your material contains links to your website make sure you get approval from the group moderator first as sometimes this kind of newsletter marketing is considered spamming with certain groups.

Impress Them With Your Mailings

Another Golden Rule that applies is to keep those emails that you send out looking good. Make a real effort to impress the customers that you have signed up to your list with a polished looking professional email that reads well in all browsers.

A sloppy looking email with badly reproduced photographs; wacky fonts or text with spelling mistakes simply tells the customer that you are a sloppy, fly by night operation.

You should also make sure that these mailings have quality content as well as discount coupons and other perks so that your customers look forward to receiving your missives in their inboxes.

Sending out these types of customer mailings is a time proven, effective way of assuring that you will get repeat and referral business to your online enterprise.

Create value for your customers and they will love you!

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